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Please allow me to introduce myself

I'm Guilherme Guedes

Brazilian portuguese name:

ghee-LLEHR-may, GHE-days

Some of my professional highlights in 6 quick slides:
Graduated in International Relations in 2009 at PUC Minas

From 2010 to 2012 I worked for the Brazil's World Cup 2014 through a Brazilian Government branch (Senac Minas). Lot's of projects, analysis, marketing and branding there.

I also taught Public Policy 2 years before that at PUC Minas Virtual for 2 years as an intern. This solidified my passion for analysis and scenario building.

¡Hola! Moved to Chile in 2012

I got hired by Marcaria.com as a Domains Account Executive and Customer Relationship Manager. I stayed there for 2 years before going back to Brazil.

I got some really good qualifications while working there, which helped me get the Customer Relationship Manager position and helped the company achieving 2 Stevie's Awards. They were both 3rd places (globally) in "Best Customer Department" and "Best Use of Technology for a Customer Department". That's when my love for technology met the Marketing and Customer Experience world.

Back to Brazil

Amongst other businesses, I had this startup: Esttima. We built hardware technology to find and recover lost dogs and cats.

I won a startup marathon-style contest with 1,000+ startups, got invested and broke the company about a year later.

I did not see Brazil's President Dilma Roussef impeachment coming nor protected my business from money exchange fluctuations. When the U.S. Dollar doubled its value per each Brazilian Real in a week, I got in trouble: my equipment parts were bought in Switzerland and China, which made my product cost me as twice as it was just a week before. Had to deliver what I promised then shut down and move on.

GreenTi's lifeboat in Chile

After my startup went bankrupt, I went back to Chile.

Went to Chile in december 2016 and in january 2017 I was ahead of the the Marketing department at the recently opened GreenTi Agency.  That's when I fell in love with HubSpot and made the Agency become HubSpot Partner by september 2017. We almost won the Rookie of The Year award (we were in the 1st place for a long time) and I was leading the marketing efforts for clientes such as Cabify, BBVinos, La Feria Chilena del Libro, Hogar de Cristo and a lot more big national and international accounts.

A new begginiing

Moving on and evolving

GreenTi was getting big (we grew from 6 employees to around 40 in less than 2 years) and I was doing less marketing and more bureaucracy.

Opened GNS Group with 2 friends in 2019. Another set of great national clients again and one of our partners went his way so Javiera and I changed the name of the agency to OK.Lab in 2020. We are still providing high quality marketing services since then.

Last but not least

I personally got a new client, Lipigas, the biggest gas company in Chile.

Since 2020 I have been working with Lipigas and in 2022 they offered me a full-time job while keeping my agency OK.Lab running. It was a no brainer, and these 3+ years as the compay's Paid Media Specialist in a huge company, with huge budgets and aggressive goals thought me a lot, specially about Branding and growth.

Let's build a future together.

I would love to put your business name in this section along with a real success case.

Are you willing to take the next step? We won't go anywhere else but up, I promise.

My career stats

Why you should trust me

90 +

Happy Customers

75 +

Google Analytics Accounts configured and monitored


Complete HubSpot integrations from zero to hero (up to 3,000 employees in the biggest company)


Websites built (including this one)

35 +

Websites positioned in Google's first page (for target keywords)

60 +

Blog articles positioned in Google's number 1 position

350 +

Google My Business listings created/managed

280 +

Waze and Waze Ads positions managed

1000 +

Google Tag Manager tags configured

3600000 +

U.S. Dollars managed in Google Ads and Facebook Ads (about 70% Google Ads) in the last 5 years


Languages I can work: Portuguese, English and Spanish. 100% trilingual.

40 +

people I hired and managed



Jorge Palme Riveros LinkedIn profile picture

Brand Manager / Consultant / Strategic Marketing / Key Account Manager

- Jorge L. Palma Riveros

"Guilherme is a professional of EXCELLENCE.

In addition to handling all the Google tools to perfection, he has all the technical and human skills to design, manage, build, develop and control any type of project within his fields of expertise. To this, I add that I have no doubt that, in those areas where he is not an expert, he will collaborate with all his knowledge and with a cheerful, conciliatory and motivating attitude towards the team.

Guilherme is a professional that any team would like to have in its ranks."

Bruno Dourado Pirajá Martins LinkedIn profile picture

Especialista em Comunicação | Estratégia de Novos Negócios | Marketing | Comex | Product Manager

- Bruno Dourado Pirajá Martins

"Startup driven entrepreneur with high IT skills and highly motivated for new challenges and opportunities. Easy going person with great sense of humor, allocates resources in great strategic and inteligent manner. Can drive people to persue and give their best in any job required. A pleasure to call him a friend and proud of his achievements."

Jéssica Paraguassu LinkedIn profile picture.

CEO and Founder at Mulheres no Comando | LinkedIn Top Voice | Columnist

- Jéssica Paraguassu

"Guilherme was one of the best mentors I had at the time of Lemonade, always willing to help me with the structuring of my business. He is certainly a professional who differentiates himself by his talent and drive. It was a pleasure working with Guilherme and having him as a mentor."

Lotta Lappalainen LinkedIn Profile picture

Manager, HR Organization and Transformation at Lidi Suomi

Lotta Lappalainen

"Guilherme is an excellent coworker, it was truly a pleasure working with him. He is hard-working, intelligent and a team-player. He succeeded in his job very well, client relationship management seemed to be his expertise. Anyone would be lucky to have a dedicated worker like Guilherme as their colleague or manager."

Stefan Gerlicz LinkedIn profile picture

Director, Sustainability and Operations at Netflix

Stefan Gerlicz

"Working with Guilherme was a pleasure. He has excellent client management skills and works great in a team environment. Guilherme is a hard working individual and an easy person to get along with. He would be a great addition to any team."

Adelaide Engler LinkedIn profile picture

Chef consultant, TV and Radio Host - FOX, Rádio Alvorada

Adelaide Engler

"Guilherme is very clever and sharp. Able to work in different areas/subjects. He also works fast and has a great sense of humor."